Announces Best Realtors in America!

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We were named as one of the Best Realtors in America by Triple Real Estate Magazine!!!

Triple Real Estate Magazine offers a meticulously curated list of top-tier realtors across America & they named us as one of them! They say their lists stand out because they carefully choose only the very best realtors, selecting just one from every thousand they assess.

How they do it? Their website states:

"We rigorously investigate and evaluate real estate professionals. We conduct in-depth analyses to identify and rank top-performing realtors nationwide through a dynamic collaboration among our researchers, analysts, and data scientists. We base our analysis on millions of data points and real conversations with thousands of individuals. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, we ensure accurate, real-time market analysis." And they don't allow Realtors to pay to be featured! 

You can read what they wrote about us & learn about them using the link below!